Make Your SEO And Marketing Funnel More Powerful

Sales funnel is useful to “filter” your traffic so that the traffic that comes to your actual sales page will be the best traffic that you can get. Sales funnel can be used to either strengthen the image of a product or weaken it. Therefore, create only powerful sales funnel with the sole purpose to strengthen people’s interest toward your product. Here are 7 ways to make your sales funnel more powerful:
1. Create Interest

Your sales funnel must be able to create interest for your audience. This Houston SEO website is a great example of that. This is a necessary step to win sales from them. Make your sales funnel interesting. Don’t make it too serious. Give them some jokes if you think appropriate. Give them some interesting facts, interesting figures, and interesting results. People will keep sticking with you if you’re able to make them interested in you.
2. Your Audience Wants To Feel Special

Most people want to be treated as if they are special gems. Your audience will arrive at your sales funnel, and if you can’t treat them as if they are special guests, you’re not building your image effectively. In order to create a good first impression, you have to show them that you care, and you have the solution for their problem. For instance, if you care about their well-being when you promote health products, they will tend to listen to you. Show that you care and your audience will have good impression on you.


3. Create A Sense Of “Need”

If you want to persuade your customers to buy the product immediately, you have to be able to create a sense of need. Make your visitors think that they need the product immediately. Creating a sense of need is equivalent with creating a sense of urgency. This will prompt your visitors take action immediately.
4. Meet Your Customer’s Expectations

What do your audiences expect from you? In short, your audiences expect the best from you. They expect different perspective on already known topic. Let’s take a look further. If you offer them another affiliate marketing guide, your audience will expect it to be different from the rest of affiliate marketing guides out there. In your sales funnel, you have to meet your customer’s expectation by giving them new ideas, new perspective, and new tidbits of information about the topic that you’re going to cover on your product.
5. Give Excellent Customer Service Even Before They Purchase

Give pre-sales support for your audience. Give them support before they purchase your product. Give them necessary information about the things that they want to know about your product. Let your audience to ask you any question and provide live chat support if you want to give them better support. Your pre-sales customer service will determine whether your potential customers like your product or not.

6. Follow-up Your Customers Via Email

If you build a sales funnel, don’t miss to give away at least one free product for list building. You need to follow-up your customers via email in order to give them further information to help them decide about taking your product or not. Follow-up email will also inform and educate your audience about your product. It will keep reminding them about the product that you offer to them and how important it is for your audience.
7. Free Trial Or Freebies

Free trial works best on sales funnel because people usually want the taste of your product first before they actually purchase it. By giving free trial or freebies for your product, you are giving a chance for your potential customers to test-drive your product, and they will decide for themselves after they know the quality of the product. If your product is really valuable, you shouldn’t have any problem giving free trial to your potential customers. In fact, it will be a powerful way to convince your audience to buy your product.

If you want more people to buy your product through your sales funnel, those ways will help you to strengthen your sales funnel and make it more powerful to generate sales for your product.

What to do to have good website?

Search engine algorithms are looking at a lot of different things when ranking a website. It is not only important to have your website recommended by other people on the Internet also your on page SEO must be done in the proper way badly optimized site with a lot of links will rank much worse that a well optimized site with fewer links. This is because Google barks will look at your website structure and try to determine what is the main topic of your site. If the information on your site is chaotic and tackles many different subject in many different niches, Google will not recognize your website as an authority site in any niche.

Good rankings also depend on the level of competition that there is for a given niche. If you are building a website about loans, jesses are that there are hundreds of thousands of other similar websites like yours.

In that case it will be very difficult to rank your website on the top of any search engine because of the level of the competition it may happen after a couple of years of building authority but is not evidence you have your website ranked in a couple of months. On the other hand there are keywords that are much less competitive especially when it comes to local businesses. For instance a local business in Columbus Ohio that produces roof tiles will be much easier to optimize and rank. A phrase like with tiles store Columbus Ohio is much less competitive as there aren’t that many stores selling roof tiles as there are websites about loans.

The role of any SEO expert is to find these Golden Nugget keywords that refer to your niche, and rank your website for them. They Golden Nugget keywords I mean the keywords that are related to your business but don’t have a lot of competition and so if your website ranks for them you will get a decent amount of traffic, more leads and basically steal revenue from your competitors.

There are so many SEO agencies that do a bad job, that a lot of business owners are simply burned over and over again and is difficult for them to trust an SEO firm that actually does a decent job. If you think about it, it totally makes sense. If you pay for something that constantly doesn’t bring any results you will simply lose faith and trust that your website can ever rank well. So any other time an SEO consultant contacts you an offer his services, you will naturally be skeptical.

On the other hand business owners are used to very low prices when it comes to these type of services. However, it is hardly possible to rank a business in Google well for a price of $400 a month. When small business owners contact me and complain about their present SEO agency I always tell them that they get what they pay for it is virtually impossible to rank a global business aiming for global keywords for as little as a couple of hundred dollars a month. It’s enough to look at your competitors website it in any niche and see how much effort goes into optimizing ranking their website. They are spending thousands of dollars each month for SEO services, you can’t hope to outrank them just by spending as little less $600 a month.

How To Start With SEO

This SEO Guide is all about international search engine optimization services, so-called “SEO Services”, which are all around the Web these days. We decided to put this website together just in case you, like million others, decide to try these services and want to explore what they are and what they mean to you in terms of profit for your business.

It’s a wonderful place to start

We believe that you won’t have any doubts as to the need for using professional SEO services for your website—not by the time you’ve finished reviewing our website, which we hope will become your place for online SEO guides and resources.

Your decisions and recommendations regarding search engine optimization services count…

Your primary decision will be whether you do it by yourself, with me, your SEO guide, giving you the basics, or whether you make use of your new knowledge through the help of a trusted SEO firm—one that can deliver essential SEO services suited to your field of business, geographical location and the kind of specialties you are after. Whatever you choose, the valuable information you will become familiar with here will only serve your best needs.
Let us share our first-hand experiences about search engine optimization.

Once, we were a small business, trying to survive by selling computers on the Net. We barely finished the month still in business. That was until we discovered the full potential of our website. As traffic to our website grew, there were more and more leads to offline sales. The change in revenue was enormous, especially after discovering the many ways to monetize online… And this was all done by using these search engine optimization services and marketing tools. Most of them are just a few clicks away. Of course, we don’t mean that it’s that simple. Just that it’s worth your time and effort.

“All there is to know about search engine optimization services”

Well, as much as we’d like to honor this, it’s almost impossible. We’ll try to stay modest: This guide gives you the best and the most important information. We will do our best to give you our own views on the best tools for making important decisions and acting upon them. After all, no one knows your business better than you do. Our hope is that you will become more knowledgeable and ready to explore the world of search engine optimization on your own.

Importance of social media in business

There’s been a great deal of excitement over the release of Google Plus and with the variety of storylines it’s everywhere. As with most new shiny things, the internet marketing world is all a flutter, but does any of it make a difference? After all, the concept of Dunbar’s Number suggests that it may all be a waste of time.

At one time or another we’ve all been so busy managing schedules, meeting people and staying in touch that things start falling off of our plate, and that’s the point where Dunbar’s Number kicks in. It’s a theoretical limit to our ability to keep track of social relationships and although there is no definitive figure, the commonly accepted number is 150. I’m sure that this varies with each individual, but in my experience it exists.

With such a limit, how can businesses be counted among their prospects’ 150? Chris Brogan offers some suggestions in Beating Dunbar’s Number including:

Be One of the 150 – Create enough value to be considered worthy for inclusion in your prospects’ 150. In social media this can include a high signal to noise ratio and an effort to provide content that others will find valuable. Don’t be the person or company labeled with a tag of “valueless.”

Become the Authority – Attract people to you as an authority in your field, which allows your connections to expand the limits of their network since you are the one with the existing connections. One way to achieve this is to limit the scope of information shared on social networks.

Technology – While we all may have our limits, technology offers a great helping hand. Most people can’t keep all of their relationships straight, remember everyone’s name and stay on top of all meeting dates, so use technology. Of course everyone may use it differently, but use it.

Clearly extending the limitations of Dunbar’s Number is possible, but does it make sense for businesses to be part of prospects’ 150 using Google Plus or any other social network? The answer is “Yes.”

Since the depth of relationships differ, businesses should recognize that they’re not targeting the same type of relationships common between individuals. It’s not reasonable to believe that people want the same level of engagement with a company as with an individual, so it makes more sense to focus on maintaining a consistent pulse that stimulates awareness and interest. Therefore businesses should develop a social media presence to create awareness and situate themselves to take advantage of business inquiries when situations arise. The question about whether this should be done using Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter or some other social media platform is another topic altogether.

Dunbar’s Number places limits on our ability to maintain social relationships, however businesses interested in social media marketing are more likely to be successful by being more realistic and applying common sense in what they are trying to accomplish. First, accept that the nature of a personal relationship differs from that of a brand and adjust accordingly. Second, leverage people within the social sphere to be included within prospects’ relationship circle. Third develop a continual pulse using good content that creates awareness and generates interest among prospects. And finally, be available when those prospects want to interact.

Despite busy lifestyles and the proliferation of social media relationships, Dunbar’s Number can be maximized. By understanding the limitation on prospects’ relationships, being realistic in approach and applying common sense, businesses should be successful in their social media marketing efforts.